Todd homeless

Todd began as a homeless artist in New York City. While 100% committed to his artwork, there had to be a better way.

Flash forward. Todd built a small, successful art and animation studio, won some awards and had the awesome opportunity to work with some of the the 20th Century's greatest art brands including Cartoon Network, Marvel Entertainment, Coach and Jeff Koons - the most successful artist since Andy Warhol. 

With Aarting, he hopes to help emerging artists build a life around what they create and take control of their own destiny.

Todd holds a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art, is married to his beautiful co-founder and loves making things people want.

contact: todd (at) aarting (dot) com

After receiving a BA in Theater from Marymount Manhattan College, Melissa served as a company manager for a non-profit theater, toured nationally with a children's theater, and has appeared in numerous plays, films, and television shows. After meeting her wonderful husband and co-founder, she caught the startup bug and learned to code.

As an actor, Melissa knows a ton about how creatives think and behave. Her experience as a stage manager and theater company manager has allowed her to translate this behavior into logical systems that support and organize creativity.

contact: melissa (at) aarting (dot) com